January 2021 - Present

Sr. Developer

Pfizer Inc.

My duties at Pfizer mainly consists of Laravel/Vue work. While most of each day is spent working on a micro team that is part of a larger team, on occasion I am asked to overlook a PR for someone else on my macro team. This leads to better understanding of my position, the work others are doing, how the two relate and the larger picture for our macro team. Other than Vue/Laravel I have been active in the following:

  • Livewire
  • AlpineJS
  • Transition projects to Vue3
  • Custom Pfizer API's
  • Serverless architecture (RDS, ECS)
  • Ansible
  • Rundeck (automation)
  • Documentation
June 2019 - January 2021

Sr. Applications Architect

NuImage Medical

Primarily responsible for handling any requests that come down from management. This has so far included:

  • Redesigning landing/splash pages for our website to be responsive using Tailwind CSS.
  • Creating/modifying custom Vue.js components
  • Ensuring sensitive data is kept private due to HIPAA regulations
  • Analyzing issues that arise to determine the proper course of action understanding the long term effects as well as the demands of business to resole the issue in a timely manner.
  • Working within a Laravel 5.8 environment, utilizing many of the core Laravel functions like: TDD, Events, Notifications (SMS/Email/Slack), Validation Rules, Routing, Auth guards, Custom Middleware, Eloquent
July 2017 - June 2019

Sr. Developer

Responsible for the migration of two Xcart websites to the Shopify platform which includes:

  • Connecting to MSSQL server (where current data is being stored) build Laravel (5.2) models to accurately establish relationships and port data using Shopify's REST Admin API.
  • Utilize Dell Boomi along with custom CRON scripts to synchronize data including all product/variant data and meta (over 100k fields), inventory (which includes various complicated calculations), historical customer data, historical gift cards/balances, reviews, questions and answers, product images and CEO and translation of historical discounts to Shopify discounts
  • Introduced Vue.js to the company's "Control Center" or central place for all business logic and built a few tools to increase their productivity with Vue.js and a custom API.
  • Built the company's API workflow and logic for handling external queries for custom business logic and established an oAuth 2.0 server to handle authorized requests.
  • Integrated a queue system (SQS) for importing orders from our various channels. Currently, we are completing our scaling efforts, migrating our monolith to microservices in AWS, along the way I have completed my certification for AWS Cloud Practitioner and working on my Solutions Architect certification.


June 2022

Assistant Scoutmaster

Pack 275 - Palmetto Council

November 2021

Private Pilot License

Aerowood Aviation - Monroe, NC

June 2019

Amazon Certified Cloud Practitioner


October 2020

Owner Rosenthal Development Group

Indian Land, SC

May 2017

First time homeowner

Indian Land, SC

Working Skills

Web Design
Application Architecture
Application Design
TALL Stack