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Shane Rosenthal

Neat Guy


(407) 312-9455


Indian Land, SC


December 18, 1982

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I am a technology junkie, family man, community leader, pilot and musician. Since the mid 80's I have been taking things apart to see how they work and trying to put them back together again, sometimes in better condition than before. Along the way I met the love of my life, made a family, found purpose in leading and teaching others and recently became a pilot. I am passionate about flying, sharing the world with those around me and catching some live metal shows when I can.

Looking to the future I intend to own my own airplane, get instrument rated, continue teaching and guiding our youth, invest in real estate and share my passions to influence whoever I can.

What I do!

TALL Stack (+ Vue)

Tailwind, AlpineJS, Livewire, Laravel. I have been an active Laravel developer since v3.8 (ca 2013). When I watched Caleb Porzio demo Livewire live at Laracon in 2019 I knew this was a new technology I wanted to get behind.

AWS Certified

Whether you have a single monolith server architect or you have microservices running everything on your website, I have years of experience designing, configuring and maintaining modern architectures.

Community Leader

I am an Assistant Scoutmaster (Leader) for Troop 275 of the Palmetto Council in South Carolina.

Drone Photography

Drones are the perfect marriage between technology and my passion for aviation.

Father and Husband

Married my partner in crime in 2009 and have been actively growing my wonderful family ever since.

Musically Inclined

I have owned and played guitars since I was 16. Now I mostly just write my own songs and attend local live METAL shows when I can (when my wife lets me :D).